Need language exchange & wanna make friends!

Ho, hey! Grace here from Cali! I want to make friends and to have a language exchange so that I can learn Korean!  As for making new friends, I’d love to do e-palling, or Kakaotalking!
My KakaoID is Haeun0702. I want to make long-term friends, if possible. Also, for Korean, I need someone who is patient, who can teach me Korean. Actually, I’m Korean/American XP, I’d say I’m more AMERICAN than Korean. I was born in California, so. I know basic Korean phrases, words, but I want to be fluent in the language. (My accent sometimes is terrible) So, looking for someone for a language exchange, I teach them English, they teach me Korean! 😀 I want someone who will have daily conversations with me on Kakao that will help me improve on Korean! BACK to friends~ I’ll introduce myself briefly! I’m Cancer the crab! I’m active and both interested in arts (as in, breakdancing, hip-hop, choreography dancing). I have a huge appetite for food, love it 😛 I love the treadmill at the gym, I’m 16, I’m an active high school student, English is more of my native tongue, I’m a music fanatic (like, I listen to mostly rock and pop, mostly songs with drum beats in them, I gotta approve of the beats XP) I’m interested in making a lot of new hobbies. So yeah! I want to make long-term friendships! (: Thanks for your time!