Looking for Korean Friends. I'm bisexual, cool, just looking for friends and language exchange.

Hello. I hope that we can become friends someday. If I’m lucky, you will become a best friend of mine. 🙂 I currently don’t have many friends because I’ve traveled much throughout my childhood, but I would like to have more from other countries like Korea. Yes, I do watch Korean shows, Yes, I do like K-Pop and other Korean music, No, that doesn’t limit me or place me in one category. I like to listen to the music and watch the shows because they show segments of love for the first part. I like the music because it’s amazing in rhythm and melody at most. No, all of the music and shows I hear and watch aren’t the same,, but have a similar concept that I like. Another reason, is because I like to learn the culture and learn the language so that I could get by one day when I travel there to visit my friends that I’ve made. I’m Bisexual, I like guys and girls… that doesn’t make me any less of a person than anyone else who walks this earth, so please treat me as a human being and not a label. Bisexual is just sexuality and I’m not here for sexual reasons. Let’s be friends okay! 🙂