looking for friends in korea

HEY GUYS im 20years old and am a male ! I live in sydney Australia
Im good at both korean and english but i guess english is strong bcause its my first language.
Im looking for korean friends or foreigners that are living in korea
I like going to korea often but i just have no friends …

Oh and if there are people thinking on coming to australia on a visa or anything im happy to help !

My kakao is cocobun31 (i know cute username right ) so add away !

안녕하세요저는 20살 남자입니다 호주에서 태여나 자랏습니다 여기서 .
한국에선 친구도 없어서 한번 글올려봐여 ..
영어 도움도드릴수도잇고 친하게지냇으면좋겟아옇

호주로 워킹으러 올생각잇으시다면 그것도 도와드릴스도있구요 !!
카카톡아이디는 cocobun31이니 친추해서 말거여
ㅓ주시오 ㅎㅎ