Looking 4 Friendly Peoples

Hi^^ I’m Hillary, 14 year old girl from Indonesia. My Dad is Indonesian, but My Mom’s an England half Dutch woman.
We are native English speakers.
Oh! I’m also a songwriter and a story writer. I love to make stories of my own imagination…
I’m also looking for some friends here that can fit to one of my story character, Kimny. ^^
Everyone or anyone is welcomed to add! Even my dear friends in Indonesia!! Westerns and Koreans are also welcomed of course,
I can also teach some of you more about English to make you more fluent!

Anyway, dont wanna make this far like a Summer Speech, haha, Just message me amd say, “Hello!”

KakaoTalk : TheMysterious1

I am totally waiting for you guys, because I lovs meeting new peoples and talk a lot!