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  • My name is Yen-Chun, Lin, a fresh graduate from Tunghai University, International Business major, the year of 2017. I’m an outgoing, open-minded person with a positive personality. I was born and raised in a lovely family of four, with my parents and a sibling. My parents have always been very supportive and fully respect our decisions throughout our growths. My sister and I have always been really close to our cousins, and that allows us to get along very well with peers during our school times.
    I’ve always loved to learn languages and currently started learning Spanish and Korean. I believe it is the best tool to learn about other cultures and people all around the world. I spent two months in Europe in 2015, met a lot of different people from all over the world. I love interacting with different people, and make friends from different places.
    I worked as a sales intern for two months in a furniture factory in Vietnam during my summer vacation in 2016. I loved that the job is to interact and work with people from different countries and cultures. There are some barriers and it is indeed more difficult to cooperate due to all the differences, but that makes the job more challenging and attractive. I love and am so willing to learn new things from different people and category. I noticed that the key to communicating smoothly with other people is the word “respect.” In order to earn people’s respect, we should respect others ahead. That changes everything.


  • 2013. 9 ~ 2017. 6
    Tunghai University

    major in International Business