Rebeca Garcia

Graphic designer


  • Category
    Design, Marketing
  • Type
    Freelance, Full-Time, Part-Time
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    0, 0
  • Visa
    E2, F4, F5, F6, Others



    I have always been interested in arts, especially in graphic design since I was
    a little girl. My main target is to test my capabilities, to expand and to learn in
    both personal and professional fields along with every new project I develop.
    I am looking for a new creative environment where I can achieve new objectives.

    Higher Technical Degree in Plastic Arts and Design for Advertising Graphics.
    School of Arts, Zaragoza(Spain).

    Master degree in Web design and Photoshop.
    Edicurs, Zaragoza (Spain).

    Master degree in Flash MX.
    Edicurs, Zaragoza (Spain).

    Master degree in 3D Studio Max.
    Edicurs, Zaragoza (Spain).

    Master degree in 3D design and animation.
    Nett Formacion, Zaragoza (Spain).


    Company: Ritco – Occupation: freelance – Term: FJuly 2017.

    Branding design: coorporate folder and brochures.

    Company: Magazine ñ – Occupation: Art director – Term: February 2013 – Today.

    Design of the publications of the magazine (the magazine is the meeting point of arts, culture, and traditionsbetween Korea and the Iberoamerican world and it can only be acquired in Korea or read online).

    Company: Chamber of Commerce (Spain) – Occupation: Freelance / Graphic designer – Term: December 2015.

    Manager in the Exportation Marketing project of the Spanish company “Trapa chocolates” focus in South Korea.

    Company: R.G. Publicidad – Occupation: Graphic designer – Term: May 2012 – February 2017.

    My job as designer in this company has been focused on different areas of design: branding, editorial, web,

    Company: Inside – Occupation: Viual merchandising – Term: July – November 2011.

    Typical activities of a clothing shop: cash register, customer assistant, stock replenishment, visual merchandising,coordination, sales, etc.

    Company: Etipon- Occupation: Graphic designer – Term: April- June 2011.

    Branding, design of labels for containers, packaging, etc.

    Company: Enova – Occupation: Interior and product designer, sales Term: October 2009 – March 2010.

    Furniture and environment design.

    Company: Flor de Lirio Stud Farm – Occupation: Graphic and web designer – Term: August – October 2009.

    Web design to sale horses around the world. Catalogue design, brochures and merchandising in general withthe company markets its products. Photo retouching for better sales and market positioning.

    Company: Bienvenido Gil – Occupation: Graphic designer – Term: October 2006 – April 2009.

    Design of graphical interfaces for touch screens or mobiles placed in museums, banks, theaters, houses,companies… Internal design of the merchandising of the company, memories of the projects, etc.

    Company: Girasol – Occupation: Freelance / Graphic designer – Term: May – December 2006.

    Branding, web design, press advertising design, advertisements, flyers, window displays, etc.

    Company: Gistep – Occupation: Graphic designerr – Term: January – May 2005.

    Graphic design of everything related to education courses that the company implements: press advertisingdesign, student material design, brochures, magazines, banners, etc.

    Company: Trofeos Martinez – Occupation: Graphic designer – Term: November 2002 – May 2003.

    Design of trophies, branding, merchandising, design all the material of company in general.

    Company: Arcomedia – Occupation: Intern / Graphic designer – Term: February – April 2002.

    Brandring, web design, storyboards, cartoon sketches, etc.