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    Part-Time, 파트타임
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    E2, E2 비자, F4, F4 비자, F6, F6 비자, Fvisa and E2 visa, Philipino, sorry no F4, 필리피노


  • [ Part-Time Position Details ]
    We’re looking for an experienced English teacher with at least a year teaching in Korea.
    Type : Part-time contract (freelancer) – at least 1 year
    Student Level : Elementary
    Teaching Hours :
    Option A : 2:20 pm~9:00 pm / Tuesday & Thursday
    6 hours class teaching+1 hour private lesson+5 hours writing correction / week
    Dinner break : 6:30 ~7:00 pm
    Option B: 2:20 pm~5:30 or 6:30 pm / From Monday to Thursday
    9 hours class teaching+1 hour private lesson+4 hours writing correction/week
    ※ This working details above may be changeable upon academy situation, and the teacher has to come by 1:30 pm for class preparation.
    Teacher : Bilingual Korean or F4 type visa holder only
    Diploma required
    At least 1 year teaching experience in Korea
    Start Date : Jan. 02, 2019 (Training prior to Start Date)
    Teacher’s Training : 3~4 days paid training
    Payroll : KRW 25,000~30,000 /hour (3.3% tax will be deducted)

    [ Academy Information ]
    Class Size : 6 students / per class
    Education Contents : Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking
    Student Age Group: Elementary~Middle school (mostly elementary)
    Distance from subway station(Line 5 명일역): 10 minutes
    Summer Vacation Days: 7 calendar days (The date will be informed by academy.)
    Please send your resume to: studylablearning@naver.com (Please state the number of year staying abroad on your resume.)