Job Description for Songkang Canoe School Outdoor Education Instructors



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  • Category
    Teaching Jobs
  • Type
    Freelance, Part-Time
  • Location
  • Visa
    E2, E2 비자, F4, F4 비자, F6, F6 비자, Fvisa and E2 visa, Philipino, sorry no F4, 필리피노


  • This is a description for specialists required for rafting courses.

    – Description of job: Outdoor Education Instructors will instruct in rafting courses to students
    grades 7. Instructors are required to teach a core-curriculum for all courses and additional
    rafting curriculum for various courses, maintain a detailed course log, have excellent risk
    management skills and extensive experience leading students in river

    – Location of job: SCS and Hongcheon river in South Korea.

    – Course Date
    • Student Contact Days: September 30 ~ October 4
    • Non-Student Contact Days: September 29
    • Course Rehearsal & Instruction for Instructor Days: September 17~18

    – Salary and Benefits
    • Non-Student Contact Days : 100,000won
    • Student Contact Days : 180,000won,
    • Course Rehearsal & Instruction for Instructor Days : 100,000won.

    • Instructors employed are highly competent leaders, patient and inspiring teachers, and
    skilled outdoor enthusiasts with sound and prudent judgment.
    • Applicants should have experience working with cross-cultural groups and/or in a foreign
    • Applicants should have experience to recognize and act on appropriate and inappropriate
    student behavior. The ability to manage student-to-student and instructor-to-student
    relationships, in order to help students develop and grow, both on course, and transfer
    skills to apply learning back at home and school. This includes the ability to give feedback,
    and deal positively with conflict and stress.
    • Applicants should have the technical skills necessary to travel safely in the course areas
    used, and in particular activities taught on course, the ability to teach these skills to
    students, good risk management skills applicable to institutional settings, and the ability to
    develop the whole student.
    • Applicants should be positive environmental role models with sound knowledge of
    natural history of the particular course area environments used.
    • Rafting and Kayak specialists should have comfort teaching and leading groups in class I
    river, experience in kayaks and teaching kayak skills, experience managing groups of
    kayaks on the water.

    – Instructor Application, Hiring Process, and Pre-Course Preparations
    TO APPLY : Chris Roh / / 010-4947-1267

    – Hiring Process
    * Resume and Reference
    * Criminal background check
    * SCS Application for Employment
    * Temporary Travel Insurance Form
    * Personal Information Sheet
    * Emergency Cards
    * Copy of Valid Passport or ID
    * Acknowledgement of Receipt of Instructor Manual
    * Independent Contractor Contract
    * Personal Information Sheet (Payment Information including bank name and swift code)