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  • Paedeaplus is one of Seoul’s most well-known academies. Our goal is to teach English to elementary children through reading and literature. Our entire curriculum is based off of American books and novels.

    Each branch has a library filled with an extensive collection of books ranging from entry level picture books to young adult novels. We believe that the English language shouldn’t be based on test preparation, but rather immersion through stories and discussion. Students are tasked with reading and discussing the content through speech and writing.

    Our instructors are called Mentors because we expect our teachers to more than simply lecture. Mentors are expected to have a passion for literature and to care for each of their students. Classes sizes are limited to 8 students per class to ensure all our students are getting an ample amount of care and consideration.

    If you’re interested in working alongside a team of enthusiastic teachers and headquarter staff, this may be the perfect place for you.

    Required Qualifications:
    -Gyopo or native speakers
    -Enthusiastic, Outgoing Personality
    -Korean citizenship or permanent residency status

    Preferential Qualifications:
    -Studied abroad
    -Prior Teaching Experience
    -Degree in a relative-field

    -2.4-2.6million KRW
    -Severance pay at the end of contract
    -Full benefits
    -All national holidays
    -15 days paid vacation a year (substitutes provided)
    -Extra wages for intensive courses
    -Paid on time and in full
    -Paid training period

    -Gangnam, Jamwon

    Working Hours:
    -1:00pm – 9:00pm (6 hours of teaching per day)
    -Schedule subject to change in summer and winter vacation

    Starting Date:
    -January 2nd, 2019
    -Training begins December 18th-December 24th