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    E2, E2 비자, F4, F4 비자, F6, F6 비자, Fvisa and E2 visa, Philipino, sorry no F4, 필리피노


  • Hello ~ We are looking for two Full-time English teachers for our academy and company. Start From the middle of July and the beginning of August 2019


    Typical Working Hours: 14:00 – 22:00 M to F

    It can vary according to the monthly schedule.

    Students: Adult and Elementary students

    First Contract Period: 1 year (You can stay in Korea with us as much as you want after 1-year contract)

    Compensation & Benefits

    ▶ 2,200,000 won as a base salary for the Full-time teacher type of 120h/m

    100,000 won per month for flight allowance (It’ll be paid even in cases if you are already in Korea)

    ▶ Overtime Payment 25,000/h is calculated exactly every month

    ▶ We run our business from 9 am to 10 pm. So there are opportunities to make more income in our company if you want to (it’s not forced)

    ▶ 300,000 won for housing allowance and Key money loan if you choose your own housing. Or a single studio will be provided in the same building where teachers are living

    ▶ Severance bonus upon completion of a year contract

    ▶ National Healthcare and pension 50/50

    ▶ 10 days paid vacation + All the national holidays

    ▶ We do the year-end tax adjustment (Honestly, every native teacher can expect the tax refund like common Koreans)

    Minimum Qualification

    These are the necessary documents we need to submit to the Education Office, and to obtain the working visa(E-2) from the immigration office of Korea

    A. Criminal record check of the national level within 6 months which is notarized by Apostille or Korean consulate

    B. Copy of university Diploma (B.A) which is notarized by Apostille or Korean consulate

    C. Passport valid for at least 12 moths of USA, Canada, U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

    About us

    We’ve been running this company with more than 25 native teachers from the USA, U.K, France, Spain, China, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia for 7 years. Currently, 16 native teachers are working in our company.

    We have fun, young and comfortable corporate culture with multiple languages.

    Staffs are able to communicate in English and they will help you to adapt life & work in Daegu.

    We are happy to get your current or ex-teachers to provide you testimonial and information about our company

    You are going to work in our academy and also in another branch


    Please send your updated resume and recent photo(s) to :

    reluke23 Gmail.com

    and Below will help you get the reply faster

    It’s okay to Copy & Paste 🙂

    Q1. How long does it take for you to get the documents finished?

    Q2. Visa status

    Q3. Possible start date

    Q4. Currently living location

    Q5. Cell phone number in Korea or Skype, Kakao talk ID

    We are looking forward to working with you. Thank you 🙂