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    Teaching Jobs, Tutoring / Private, 강사 교사, 개인과외
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    Part-Time, Private/Tutor, 개인과외, 파트타임, 프리랜서
  • Location
    달성군, 대구광역시
  • Visa
    E2, E2 비자, F4, F4 비자, F6, F6 비자, Fvisa and E2 visa, Philipino, sorry no F4, 필리피노


  • The private tutoring of Korea.
    Dream language.
    Looking for English tutor.

    Student : A 7 year girl.
    English conversation level : beginner-Intermediate level.
    Instructional objectives : English conversation and etc.
    Location : 35, Secheonnam-ro, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu. (대구광역시 달성군 다사읍 세천남로 35 다사읍, 제일풍경채 프라임 아파트)
    Month cycle : 60 minute x 20 times (20 hours). 4 times an hour a week.
    Estimated period : 6 months to more than 1 year.
    Beginning of class : start December.
    Possible time of student : at any time of the week.
    Pay : ₩ 40,000 per 1 hours. (every cycle pay ₩ 800,000)

    F-2,4,5,6 and E-2 VISA holders are possible.
    (E-2 VISA holders must notify the immigration office.)

    You register this if time allows.
    ☞ http://www.dreamlanguage.co.kr/base/st2/002.php
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    Female students look for female teachers.

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