The Ideal English Teacher
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Name : JasonChung
Gender : Male
Nationality : USA
Phone : 516)626-2093
Phone2 :
Email :
Site :
resume :
Salary : 0.0 ~0.0
experience : 0~1 yr
education : Bachelor
school :
major :
visa : F4
Hello. My name is Jason Chung and I am a recent Korean-American college graduate. I have spent my entire life in the U.S and am therefore an excellent native English speaker. I am entering Korea in the end of February with the prospects of finding a job teaching English. I am very friendly, polite and I love children. I am extremely sensitive to the needs of young children and know what it takes to be an effective teacher with good classroom management skills. I am also bilingual and am able to speak Korean fluently which will alleviate a lot of stress in communication between me and your organization. I am very confident that I am your ideal candidate and If possible, I would like to come in for a face-to-face interview as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration!

Teaching Experience:

– I have experience tutoring students in English and Math on a weekly basis.
– I had rank in a boarding high school and lead physical exercises daily. Therefore I know what it takes to be an effective leader and efficient teacher.
– I have had experience teaching bible study at church.
– I have experience being a summer camp counselor for the youth.
– Bi-lingual. Korean and American