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Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew, and I am a UK science graduate. I have been living and working in South Korea since 2003, and have worked in a wide range of situations (public and private), including working twice with the military, as well as public elementary schools and private institutions such as YBM Premier and Jung Chul, and I have lived in many different areas around the country. This has also included a number of years as a TESOL teacher trainer (my latest position). 

As part of my duties, I have been responsible for planning whole syllabi and the lessons contained therein, and this experience also includes planning and executing whole summer and winter camps in both the private and public sectors. More recently, due to the Covid situation, I have transitioned from purely classroom-based instruction to running online classes using Zoom.

Due to a long-term shortage of students, my latest employer has closed its office, and I am available again immediately. My current E2 visa expiry date is in April 2022. 

I am looking for something like the following:

* I would like to return to the Changwon/Masan/Busan area, if possible.
* Until recently, I have been teaching adults and would like to do something similar if possible. I will consider other positions if I think that I am suited to them.
* Accommodation allowance rather than provided housing.

You are welcome to contact me through this web site in the first instance if you would like more information about myself and a copy of my resume, or to discuss any opening that you may have. You may also message me using the number provided.