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Name : DarrenSmith
Gender : Male
Nationality : Canada
Phone : 010-3759-1109
Phone2 :
Email : smithdarren@hotmail.com
Site :
resume : 20101116193317_chisungetta_own_.hwp
Salary : 2.5 ~4.0
experience : 5~ yr
education : Bachelor
school :
major : Certified Teacher (Canada)
visa : E2
I am currently working at Global Language School in Incheon (Bupyeong), South Korea. The previous eight years, I had been teaching in three different foreign language high schools – Myung Duk, Daeil and Gimpo Foreign Language High Schools. I took this position at Global because I was getting frustrated with the foreign language high school system in Korea and felt I needed a change. I chose a language school for various reasons. I wanted to get out of the formal school setting for at least one year. I chose Global Language School because it was similar to the foreign language high school system in that I was able to make my own curriculum and apply it to my classes. It takes more work for myself to make my own curriculum but I feel it is better because I can design the curriculum to the specific needs of each class.

I also chose Global because I would be the only Western foreigner. Even though I don’t speak Korean very well, I prefer being in a more Korean-like atmosphere. Sometimes there are difficulties with language between the staff and fellow teachers and myself but we are always able to work things out. I have worked with Western teachers in Korea before but have found many of them do not have the same desire for teaching as myself. I think that is because I am a teacher by trade and really take pride in teaching and many foreigners who are "teaching" in Korea are not actually "real" teachers. This has never caused any serious problems but I would like to work with others who also have a teaching degree. It would be nice working with a complete staff of qualified and experienced teachers.

Anyway, the biggest reason I chose Global Language school was it allowed me to teach Advanced students most of whom are adults or university students many of whom have returned from studying overseas. I would like to continue teaching advanced students. The students I have taught at the foreign language high school level and at Global were of a very high level and I would like to continue teaching students who have a real desire to improve their English ability.

As I stated earlier my previous jobs were in the foreign language high school system at Gimpo FLHS, Daeil FLHS and Myung Duk FLHS. Prior to that I worked in a few other language schools. I have been working in South Korea for approximately ten years now. This was not my original intention but I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching in Korea. I taught all levels in the United States and Canada previous to coming to Korea. A friend of mine suggested going to Korea to teach. I was looking for a new and challenging experience so took him up on his offer. It has been the best decision I could have made as far as my teaching career has been concerned. The students in Korea are amazing and I enjoy my time teaching them. They seem much more eager to learn than the previous students and classes I had in Canada. This is why I have stayed so long in Korea. I find it much more rewarding and enjoyable teaching in Korea.

Although I do not have a major in English, I feel that I am qualified to teach the subject. My mother was a middle school and high school English teacher for approximately thirty-five years. It was English class at home everyday for us. She made sure that we learned the correct aspects of the English language. Even to this day I still contact her for any advice or questions I have concerning my class or questions my students may have which I may need help with. In addition, my ten years of teaching English in Korea has allowed me to develop more effective