I miss you, Seoul.

Today was almost 1 year I leave Seoul. And now suddenly I miss everything about Seoul, the peoples, the views, the foods, the cultures, yes everything! Lol don’t know what to say, but can’t thinking bout anything. Just wanna said that I wanna go back so badly to there! Eat the street food, hangin’ around at Myeongdong – Cheondamdong – Gangnam. Take a ktx to Busan. Playing at Everland. Stalking the idols from their dorm to their agency (not in bad ways, just love to walking beside them and talking about everything with them).

… I should go back asap, but my company can’t give me a long holiday!


Huh btw, if you want to talk with me. Feel free to add my kakao talk id: fxnnxoxo thank you. And have a nice day xo