Hello~ I want to make a good foreign friends!

Hello! Nice to meet you 🙂

First, let me introduce …
My name is taehyung kim.
I’m korean, I am 26 years old(1992 born). and I live in Incheon, Korea.
(Incheon is a big city near Seoul There is Incheon International Airport!)

My hobbies are bicycle riding, flower gardening, traveling, and cooking.
Among these, I like cycling the most and I like to see my favorite art items in the art center!

And I see many foreign movies, dramas, and TV shows to study English these days.
Among them … i like TV programs like iCarly, 3rd Rock from the Sun and National Geographic!
(If you have a TV program that I would like to recommend to you,
Especially I would like to see TV comedy and comic program in English speaking countries …
but I am sad because I hardly know anything about it yet.)

I really want to meet many foreign friends.
Especially Canada and American friends! (Of course friends from other countries are ok!)
Because next year I will go to Canada for working holiday, immigration.
I want to make good memories and friendships by making friends with Korea and many other foreign friends.
Because of the differences with foreign friends who are different from Korean friends, it will be difficult at first …
I believe that overcoming this will be a better friend than my Korean friends.

Of course there are also language exchange and cultural exchange …
But I think this is important, but the most important thing is that I want to get to know each other,
and I want to make a lot of good friendships and memories through this. And if I can afford it later,
I would like to go to a country where my overseas friends live and travel and meet for a good experience.
This is because it is precious value that can not be calculated with money.
(Oh, of course, please understand that my English is not very good. haha. I will try to improve my English quickly!!)

Then, please contact me a lot! Anyone is welcome to contact us!
Oh, if possible, only friends in their 20s or older would like to be contacted.
Because my teenage friends are too young to be good with me.
If you want to get in touch with me …
Please contact us by Messenger or E-mail below 🙂

Thank you!

My Kakko ID : Nuriul
My Facebook ID : analog503@naver.com