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Temple and the city – Gangnam Tour (Nov 14)

Temple and the city – Gangnam Tour

Do you really think that in Gangnam there’s no place to feel something new?
COEX is the core of sightseeing, culture and exhibition in Asia.
It has modern buisness infrastructure, transport convinience and communication, so this place is considered the heart
of global buisness in Korea.
The Bongeunsa, a Korean temple located near COEX, shows us totally different scenery from its surroundings.

Gangnam is a symbol of modern and complex city culture, but the temple there gives you feelings of calmness.
The people who visit Bongensa will be impressed with the peace and repose of the religion. Bongensa makes us forget
that we are at the center of a large city.
By visiting there, you can see inside of yourself again. Thus, you can rearrange your body and mind.

#Date : Nov 14, 2009
#Meeting Place : In front of Asem Tower in COEX
#Duration : 3pm – 6pm (3 hours)
#Things to keep in mind
You have to pay your own entrance fee for the Kimchi museum (3000 won). If you want to go to other places near our
tour course, please let us know in advance.

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