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Looking for friends from Korea or/and k-drama fans~
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My name is Valeria, I’m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

Would love to find some Korean  friends or just friends who like Korea too! ♡ I use Kakaotalk, Instagram, WhatsApp, Steam and Facebook!

I listen to every kind of music as long as I like it! My favorite Korean artist is AKMU. I don’t know a lot of them because I pay attention on Korean shows and shows overall! I surely want to find nice Korean groups. ^^

Same with k-drama: I watch anything if I like it! I love both serious or just cute and romantic tv shows. ~ Feel free to suggest some! (( I’m really passionate about both Korean and foreign shows ;w; ))

It’s okay if you are not into tv shows or music, I’m sure we can talk about anything.

I’m also a gamer; my favorite one is League of Legends, playing for 4 years now. 🙂

I also love manhwa, manga, anime and taking pictures of cute things.

Overall, I just want to find a person with who I can talk about things, share photos, videos, maybe even play and watch something together… 🙂

I also into street fashion, Lolita is my favorite.

My kakaoid: dollyroom

Instagram: hetiru

You can also leave comments below!!