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Korean lessons for non-korean speakers
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I am a native Korean (but fluent in English as well since I was in new york for work / speak some Japanese and Chinese), experienced and educated. I am majoring in theater so have many grammar, speech and acting skills, like how to speak and react in an appropriate way with Korean people.
In addition, you will experience not only local enjoyment but also lots of cultural values and manners correctly.

Tutoring will depend on your level, from beginner to advanced.
you can also take only a few subjects individually; writing, speaking-conversation, reading-grammar, listening, pronunciation, practical use.. etc.

-the rate : 25000 won per hr
-available area : accessible areas in Seoul, Bundang, Anyang, Pyung Chon, Gwa Cheon in Gyoung Gi.

If you are interested in, please feel free to email and ask me. I will look forward to seeing you then! 🙂



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