Just seeking friends.
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hello hello, im Candice or Dice whichever is fine. just looking for people to chat with nothing major

hmmm not sure what all to write here….the more i talk the more my personality shows, the more my personality shows the more others tend to run away muahahahaha ^^”…well erm yeah so i want some strangers(friends) not necessarily stranger dangers but at this rate i’ll take it lol (joke…a bad one at that lol)

im pretty laid back. can talk about just about anything…literally…wanna talk about potatoes im down lol

eh ok so not very funny but im straightforward so i hope i dont offend someone some day. if so do tell i would like to explain myself before someone assumes im just an a-hole. ^^

i have messengers(kakao talk whatsapp email etc etc) so im down for that too i’ll stalk talk ya just about on whatever app i have….unless im working…then you’ll have to wait cause money comes first in america lol



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