If you need strong man~ contact me
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If you need strong man~ contact me
Hey, Nice meet you guys!
Let me introduce myself that I can be Bodyguard, PSD(Personal Security Detail) or PMC(Pravate Military Company)
But there is noting like PSD,PMC in Korea so far.
So i’m Bodyguard who is working for Prada in Korea right now.
I resigned from Korea Special Forces, and i used to be professional Boxer and MMA fighter.
I did Sky diving ( HALO ), Scuba diving, belong to Counter Terrorism Team, deal with many type of gun and bomb.
Is it enough huh ^^
If you want to hang out with me that would be great. I love party.
Moreover i wanna say to specially for foreigner who want me to protect you from any kind of situation.
I can be your Bodyguard, Driver, Party manager, guide , Cameraman and best friend.
I belong to Company, so If you want to hold the security House Party or something, let me know.
I can protect you perfectly ^^

Phone: 010-6361-9267


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