Hi~ guys~
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Hey~ guys~! , It’s nice to meet ur guys in this site,
my name’s Steffen , I’m korean , Just use the english name kk , living in Suwon city (kyoung ki do) n
male (27year old) , Uni student yet k ,
um, Nowdays , I’m just looking for a foregn friend who comes from English countries like a state n british
in order to exchanging the languge each other , n I can help that teach korea languge if u guys wanna do that
, Actually, I wanna make a foregn friend coz of exchang the culture things n languge something like that ,
Now I hv a foregn friend who came from canada so I accustome to meet foregn friends If I meet them
If u guys interest in getting on with me , Just send some msg to my e-mail , cheers , n , hv a good day ~!



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