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Hello~~!! Annyeonhaseyo!! I am looking for new Korean friends here… Well, I am Mingjian Foo 22 years old (korean age).. I’ve had just graduated from my University and here I am waiting for my convocation which will be held in the next January. Therefore, I’ll proceed to the next level which is Degree.. I seriously wanna meet more korean friends. Its been awhile since I’ve been keeping in touch with any… If you guys wanna reach me please contact me up at

Kakaotalk :mingjian92
Wechat : daniel8877

You may call me too through Kakaotalk.. we may make lots of phone calls by getting know each other..
If possible, I seriously wanna go to Korea.. So a korean friends would be good to guides me here n there..

So yeah,
have a nice day yo~!!


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