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Hello everyone! ^-^

I’m Larissa. I’m 17 Years old and a half phillipina. I live in Germany..

Right now it’s 1:33 am. in germany quite early and I don’t know what to write it’s kind of akward.

Anyway I’m here to make friends with people in Korea I want to learn more about Korea it self since I saw a few

Korean Dramas ( also I listen to Kpop haha) and I’m really want to know more about Korean it self.

So if you are from Korean and you are the same age as me or a  message me on Kakao Talk : LaraBr

or Instagramm: larissabrueckner

Snapchat: larissabrueckne

 Now you can choose where you want to Contact me! :3

Please don’t hesitate to message me! 😀 I won’t bite you haha 🙂