Hello Korean Elsword Lovers, I am so badly needing your help
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Hello dears, I am realy desperate for some help. Here is the thing, I play a game called Elsword in the brazilian server, but the brazilian server is really delayed compared to the korean amazing server. So I downloaded the game but I can not play it because I don’t have an account, and to make one you have to live in korea because the activation code comes by a celphone message. So what I am begging you is that, if someone who is korean or live in korea could make an account for me and then send me a message with the ID and the password. I would be thank to you for the rest of my life.

Contact me by skype: kiragunn

by twitter:

by mail:

by KakaoTalk: UC3306949

Here is the game website:

Thank you my dears, Thank you a lot.


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