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Hi… my name is Irene. I am 18 years old. I want to meet friends from all over the world, especially Korea. I love Korean TV Show and KPOP. I wish one day I go to Korea.

I want to be a journalist. I wish I can work in the entertainment magazine. I am interested in theater and film. I hope I can help someone making a short movie. I also interested in music and dance. I like to sing even though my voice is not that good. I want to learn dance, but I haven’t the opportunity yet. I like to read webtoon, short stories, poems, and ‘light’ novel (means the plot is not too heavy, mostly I read romance or slice of life).

I am studying English, but my grammar is still bad. I used to learn Korea but I get confuse many time by self learning.

I like talk with people. I wish you and I can be a good friend.