Designed for foreigners who lives in Korea
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My name is Yun, Kim and working at Hanwha finance network.

I heard from my friends who’s not korean having difficulties about Insurance and tax return problems in Korea.

So I thought I could help anyone who needed.

What I can do for u 

-all kind of insurance with the same coverage and benefits(there is a conditions though, like u already have been in Korea at least 6months)

-Tax return Goods

-CEO PLAN (severance pay…etc)

-Non-tax annuity (recommanded who will live in Korea for long time at least 10yrs)

-Savings(compound interest-3yr,5yr,7yr,10yr plan)

-Asset management

-Cashflow portfolio

-All Korean taxes

All proffesional consultings for above are totally free.

(cuz I get salary from Hanwha, not cliant)

(no consulting fee at all)

My Kakao ID is bad1004z and cell is 010.9908.6436

send me a text massage or kakao then ill get to u asap.

don’t be shy and it’s free. I wanna give u help 🙂


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