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anyone wanna learn Korean (can speak both Korean and Eng)
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Heyy…..Im Sora and originally came from Korea. but had been lived in US and Canada for I can speak both English and Korean fluently. What I want is make friends from US or Canada. It will be more terrific if you wanna learn korean over a coffee with me. um..I live Sinsa-dong so hope u live nearby me 🙂 so that we can meet up easily. Im available in the morning till 2p.m and after 10 p.m. Im a night person so I can even meet u like at 12 a.m if you’re ok with it….but only on weekdays though…
So, anyone who’s interested in this ad, pls don hesistate to email or facebook me 🙂

*P.S – anyone who would like to get to know me.. add me on Facebook! If u hav one. (trust me…im almost 24 hrs online…..)