Age is just a number, and life ain't that long...
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42.. yep. That’s me. In the website full of ppl in their 20’s, little ol’ 40’s me~
Ok. That didn’t go too well for the intro.

Young @ heart (at least my own thoughts…), self-entrepreneur in gangnam
(and yet poor), and originally from Philly, USA, I am & look 100% Korean (gave
up my US citizenship), and have been here in Seoul for about 18 years now.
I am fluent in both English and Korean. (yeah, the curse words too….)

Since we got that out of the way, just a HI to everyone in all ages that are
in or are planning to be in Korea, one of the greatest cities in the world that
never sleeps, and make you drink soju until either sun comes up or you puke
your guts out! 🙂

Meeting people in all ages isn’t something easy when you get to be in my shoes.
SO! Anyone up for coffee, drinks, or just hanging out in Gangnam (since my
office is here), I’m up for it! Daytime alcohol consumption (?) is also cool, if you
know what I mean? 🙂

BTW, I would love to learn & exchange different language, such as french or
japanese. Although I learned french when I was in college, I believe the booze
washed it all away to never-never land…

Hope your days in Korea, or your future days in Korea are filled with sober
mornings and less ah-ju-mas bashing you around in public transportation~! 



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