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✎Does anybody paint anymore??? ❤ ❤ ❤
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i found a group in Busan that really takes the stress away
I wasnt always a practising artist it had been years since i used a pencil
and to be perfectly honest i was never amazing with paint but finding Lenka’s group really brought me back to why i fell in love with Art all those years ago.
Now by no way am i  a professional artist but i keen to learn.
Lenka taught me how to use a paintbrush(properly) shade into 3 dimensions apply a colour mix and work from photographic images.
After class we always eat together
sometimes we even go ice skating

I recommend anyone and everyone to come along
and If your anything like me i can assure you.. you wont be disappointed
I really feel Busan needed something like this a long time ago

If you would like to join add us to kakao: id: lenkagraner
or just message 010 7114 1174
Thank you all for listenning.



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