Moving sale…32″ HDTV, XBOX 360, 2 Kick ass heaters and a mini vac…

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I am leaving Korea much sooner than I anticipated.

*Note: I know the exchange rate sucks right now so I am negotiable if you are paying in won*

I just bought a great HCT brand 32″ HDTV in September and I am leaving at the end of December. So it has literally been taken out of the box and just sitting here…I have the manual…remote etc…its an awesome TV. I have one back home or I would ship it. I got it from the PX on the Army base so it works in Korea or the US, incase you decide you want to take it home.
I paid $700 for it, and I am selling it for $550.

I also bought an XBOX 360 the same day…two controllers…headset and it will come with 5 games.
NFL Tour, Ultimate Alliance & Forza 2 Motorsport, Call of Duty 4, Ghost Recon 2, and Assassin’s Creed…
Even thought it is a US XBOX I took it to the electronics market and I have a chip in it where it will play Korean games or anywhere else for that matter.
I paid $300 for it and I am selling it for $200 (games, etc, included)

I also have 2 Lasko heaters, they stand about 2 feet high, they oscillate and have a variety of timers and settings. I have a huge apt and before I started using the heat they worked for my 4 room 2 full bathroom apt…and they come with a remote 🙂
I paid $120 a piece for them but I will sell both of them for $100.

I have a Dirt Devil Scorpion mini-vac…good for hardwoods…I bought it for $75 but I will sell for $20.

I also have some knick knacks like dishes and a ton of DVDs but whoever buys the TV and or XBOX can just have them.

I live right in the heart of Itaewon across from the McDonalds…so I could have these items shipped or you can pick them up. (Shipping costs are not included in the prices)…Call me if you need pix or anything but you can always come by and see everything in person if you want.

Im a teacher and I am available anytime before 2 or after 9:30….

Email me at
or call me at 010-2854-2666