Leaving Korea after 6 years, got a lot of stuff to sell….

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Desktop Computer: No name brand because a friend of mine put it together for me. I told him what I wanted, and we went to Youngsan and got it. I’m not too computer savy myself, so I’m not to sure about some of the hardware. Here’s what I do know.
– 180 gig hard drive (only about 6 months old)
– 2 mil gigs of RAM (1 mil of it is about a year old)
– new ASUS video card (maybe 2 months old)
– 17″ flatscreen monitor (about a year old)
– I believe the motherboard is AV8, and it has an AMD processor
-DVD drive
-DVD burner (included separately on purpose, there are two disc drives)

The computer was built about 4 years ago. As you can see, I’ve updated parts of it in the past year. It still works great. I use it mostly for the internet and downloading shows/movies. I’ve got a very long s-video to run to the TV (included), which has been excellent. I use it for doing illustration as well, and it doesn’t get bogged down very easily. Includes keyboard, regular mouse, and a remote mouse.
Asking 400,000

27″ LG Platon TV: Couple of years old, still works great. Asking 150,000

LG Thin DVD: Same as above. Asking 50,000

XBOX 360: Would keep it, but I hardly ever play it. 2 controllers. One’s a little beat up, one’s only a few months old. The newer one has the rechargable battery pack. all told that was about 80 bucks itself. 3 older games. Asking 150,000

Wieght Bench: About 40 kilos worth of weights. 2 bars for one-armed curls. 1 bar for 2 armed curls. No bar for bench press. Basically a starter kit. I meant to add more to it, but never got around to it. Asking 100,000

Long Board: Still in great condition. Bought it in the states b4 I came back a couple years ago. Moved to Itaewon. The hills here pretty much ruled out me riding it very often. Asking 75,000

BBQ: The big Weber, I don’t recall what the exact size is. It’s the one you can stand and BBQ over. I’m including a sweet set of stainless steel BBQ utensils with it.
Asking 80,000

JVC Portable CD Player: Used sparingly for a few roof parties last simmer. Like new. Asking 40,000

I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to sell as well. Here’s a list of things off the top of my head: large L-shaped sofa, double bed, microwave, crockpot (slowcooker), rice cooker, coffee maker, toaster, large bookcase, a couple of smaller bookcases, large drying rack, a few aquariums, air purifier, books, DVD’s, and pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down. I can be reached at sandmstudios@gmail.com. I can send pics to anyone interested in most of these items.