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  • Unreal Engine 4
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  • I have studied computer programming for five years at Epitech, Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation in France, while switching between school projects and professional experiences.

    I especially got closer from video games development by implying myself repeatedly into multiple game projects. To be more specific, my end-studies project was an online and multiplayer shooter, for Windows and Linux, which was accepted on the independent game platform Steam Greenlight, named Void Clash.

    In all these projects, I was mostly responsible of the visual rendering. I had to learn by myself some graphics libraries usage like OpenGL. I also made a first step into GPU programming by implementing a particle system and some post process effects using the GLSL language. Aside this, I learned to use some GUI libraries.
    During my internship at Cyanide Studio, I had the opportunity to work on the Playstation4 porting of “Styx, Master of Shadows” game.
    Furthermore, during my South Korea experience at Keimyung University, I got a first approach of the Unreal Engine 4 (which I use for a year now) and the game mobile development.
    All these experiences were great challenges for me, because I’ve been able to improve my self teaching skills, but I have also learned a lot about code and project design and how to make it more readable and effective.

    Apart from these technical sides, I have a big player experience. My first one was the game “Lemmings” (1991). Since that time, I don’t count anymore hours spent on titles like the “Splinter Cell” series, “Counter Strike – Global Offensive” or “Planetside 2” FPS, some management games like “The Sims” and “Sim City 4”, the “Starcraft” RTS series, “Geometry Wars” shooters or racing game like “TrackMania Stadium”. But, I was especially impressed by the “Half-Life” series, with its very deep story background and its great immersive experience.

    If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate to contact me.



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  • 2016. 3 ~ 2017. 4
    Airbus Group - GDI Simulation
    Unreal Engine 4 / C++ Developer

    Simulation and 3D tool development for shot and behavior training using, Unreal Engine 4, HTC Vive (Steam VR) and LeapMotion. A bit of image processing as well with OpenCV.

  • 2015. 9 ~ 2016. 1
    Etix Everywhere
    Front End developer

    Development of 2D/3D visualization tools for data center monitoring and management.

  • 2014. 4 ~ 2014. 9
    Cyanide Studio
    Unreal Engine 3 / C++ / Playstation4 developer

    Game porting “Styx – Master of Shadows” on Playstation4.
    List and implement the Technical Requirement Checklist.
    Move the save system from Unreal Script to C++ to speed up the process.

  • 2014. 3 ~ 2014. 4
    C++ / Java developer

    Porting of a game “World of Leader” from Windows 64 bits to Android tablet.
    Implementation of an in-game video player, binding an Android SDK player stream on an OpenGL texture.

  • 2011. 6 ~ 2011. 12
    CCI Saint Etienne Montbrison
    Web developer

    Development of a web application to manage employees working time (php/mysql).
    Configuration and deployment of VTiger CRM for a client.