★ Private English tutor for 2 kids X 2 groups



Job Detail

  • Category
    Tutoring / Private, 개인과외
  • Type
    Private/Tutor, 개인과외
  • Location
    광진구, 서울특별시
  • Visa
    E2, E2 비자, F4, F4 비자, F6, F6 비자, Philipino, 필리피노


  • Hello, my name is Alice Kim
    who live near line 5 Gwangnaru station. (also near to line2 Gangbyeon Staton)
    For my two daughters, I am looking for a good English tutor.

    There would be two groups to teach.
    One is my younger dauhgter and her friend who are 6 year old.
    The other is my elder dauhgter andn her friend who are 9 year old.

    1. Time – around 3hours a week for each group (Adjustable)
    2. Requirement
    – Female
    – Korean American or Korean Canadian (who lived in America or Canada more than ten years)
    – Energetic or outgoing
    3. Curriculum Request
    – Storybook reading : Read aloud, etc.
    – Correcting pronounciation, accent, intonation
    – Voca Check and voca games.

    I don’t know well about English teaching,
    so please feel free to suggest your own curriculum to me.

    Around here, there are many schools and apartment
    so if you want to find more job opportunity, you can easily find out.
    Also I can introduce more kids-group if you want.

    Please e-mail me.
    Happy new year~! 🙂